If History Repeats Itself I’m Getting a Dinosaur T Shirt

If History Repeats Itself I’m Getting a Dinosaur T Shirt. Pretty good plan, except how do you know it’s gonna be that easy to get one? Huh?! Didn’t think of that did you? What if they’re mean and don’t let you ride them?

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Although, there will probably be a black market for drugged dinos which will let you ride them for a certain amount of time. Hell, if Mike Tyson can have a tiger, you can probably get a T Rex, but you’re gonna need substantial cash. Or maybe you can buy it on the Silk Road with Bitcoin.

That’s probably how this goes down. You’ll also need a big ass barn to keep the animal. And, it’s gonna need to be reinforced, because dinosaurs are big and strong.

Am I crushing your dreams? I don’t mean to. Just being practical. If history repeats itself and we get some dinosaur action, you should have a farmhouse with a barn, and probably $600,000 in Bitcoin. And maybe another $20,000/month food budget.

Or maybe you can train your T Rex to hunt. Wait, were they vegetarians. I forget. One of those big beasts was. Those teeth on the T Rex suggest otherwise.

I guess you could also go with a less dangerous dinosaur. Maybe something a little smaller. There’s probably one that’s big enough to ride, but not so big or brutish where you fear for your life every waking hour, because your brilliant idea to own a dinosaur now finds you with an enormous killing machine 22 yards away just beyond the vegetable garden.

If History Repeats Itself I’m Getting a Dinosaur T Shirt. If It Doesn’t Repeat Itself I’ll Create a Topiary Dinosaur.

If History Repeats Itself I'm Getting a Dinosaur T Shirt
Photo by shioshvili

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That dinosaur bush might be a better bet. And tickets to a Led Zeppelin concert in their prime. And a secret visit with Solzhenitsyn to see the Gulags, so you know for sure you must fight totalitarianism at every turn. Particularly socialism and communism.

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