I Shamrock Beer T Shirt

I Shamrock Beer T Shirt. Don’t you love a pictographic association. I used to know what these constructions of words plus image stands for love were called, but I forget. Doesn’t matter. Super solid St. Patty’s Day shirt.

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What more do you want to communicate than this on March 17? Nothing. It’s the ultimate simple but powerful message that will make you tons of friends, and probably lovers if you want them.

You’ll probably have to fend off both. There’s something about communicating in a succinct and fun way that gets people to want to be around you and with you.

This t-shirt is guaranteed to provide all that. You’ll just have to follow up with a personality without it in order to sustain the good vibes for longer than one day.

Or, I guess the other thing you could try is wearing an awesome funny St. Patrick’s t shirt every day of the year. That might work.

You still might want to work on your post St. Patty’s day game just to make sure you can keep all the friends you attracted with this tee.

Leave it to the Irish to create a holiday around a Saint the kidnapped and drinking booze. Pretty cool. Pretty cool.

Green beer anyone?

I Shamrock Beer T Shirt: Do You Clover Beer Too? Love it. Love it lots?

I Shamrock Beer T Shirt

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The 3-leaf clover stands for the holy trinity. If you’re lucky enough to find a 4-leaf clover then you know you have God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and beer. That’s totally what that fourth leaf stands for.

Did you not know this? Common knowledge in Ireland. What else don’t you know? How to sheer sheep? How to live a long, fulfilling life as a ginger? You can’t just simply read an Internet article and think you will have this deep Irish knowledge.

You need to live it. Best way to start is this shirt, and, of course, a beer.