I Put Out For Santa T Shirt (Cookies)

I Put Out For Santa T Shirt (Cookies). Oops. I wonder if the makers of this tee know what they’ve done. Taken the wrong way by those with dirty minds, this could mean being amenable to offering Santa sexual favors. Of course, they mean cookies and probably milk, but maybe should tell them.

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Of course, Santa is gonna love those … cookies. Look at them warm, moist, sweet, and delicious. It’s nice to state your intentions for the world to know. It has a chance of inspiring others to do the same, and raise the collective consciousness. It’s a holiday spirit infusion.

In fact, I’ve done my part by collecting all of these funny Christmas Tees.

What have you done? Put out? Payed it forward? Spead love and joy?

The world is tough be we have to be strong enough to put out Xmas spirit. I celebrate this shirt.

I wonder what the origin of dirty Santa humor is? It’s probably started to develop like 6 months after the Saint Nick story started to circulate. I’m guessing 75% of the population is at least 83% degenerate, and that probably hasn’t change in the intervening centuries.

I mean stuff probably didn’t spread as quickly as it does now with social media, but word of mouth is a pretty effective communication channel.

“Did you hear the one about Santa and the lady of the evening?”

I guess it’s part of the human condition. Being human ain’t easy. Humor eases the existential terror a bit. Combine raunchy humor with sacred stories and you have a recipe for at least 20 minutes of respite from fear of death. 🙂

I Put Out For Santa T Shirt: Get Your Mind Out of That Dirty Snow Laden Gutter

I Put Out For Santa T Shirts (Cookies)

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I’d eat those cookies. Wouldn’t you? Those cookies lookin’ real good. I mean I prefer sugar cookies on Christmas but you can’t really go wrong with chocolate chip.