I Pull Out Hide-a-Bed T Shirt

I Pull Out Hide-a-Bed T Shirt. This is a bit scandalous. I’m not sure I am ready to get into these more adult themes on this site. But, I can’t resist good wordplay, so here we go. PSA: I have two kids using the pullout method, so you can wear the shirt and laugh, but, it doesn’t work too well in real life.

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I’ve never seen such a stylish hide-a-bed. Beautiful bright red. Looks comfy as a couch, and might even be halfway decent as a bed. I’ve never slept on a comfortable hide a bed. They all have super thin mattresses (so they can fit in the couch, when it’s couch time). You can feel the fold out bars. Miserable. But, I haven’t been on one in a few years. I bet the technology has improved and they aren’t bad.

I just did about four minutes of research looking for a related video and discovered the Murphy beds. You know the ones that flip out from the wall. That’s next level. Then, I saw beds that turn into shelves and desks. Boy the technology is out of control.

Hey, don’t forget that these are also called sofabed, bed couch, and sleeper sofa. Also, note there was a boom in sleeping innovations in the 1800s.

I Pull Out Hide-a-Bed T Shirt: I’d Rather Not But It’s the Right Thing to Do

I Pull Out Hide-a-Bed T-Shirt

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This tee model dude looks like he got these instructions from the photographer: “great, great, you’re amazing. Yes! Okay, now look like you’re in flagrante delicto, but you’re confused. Should I stay in? Should I pull out? Should I have worn a condom? What is the meaning of life? Is this chick going to want to have a relationship after this? Is there such a thing as casual sex or is each sexual encounter more psychic, life-changing exchange than we know, thus, it shouldn’t ever be treated as throwaway. Yes. Yes. You’ve got it. Perfect. Fantastic. A few more.”

If those were the instructions, he totally nailed it.

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