I Just Wanna Dance T Shirt

I Just Wanna Dance T Shirt. Those things are called inflatable air dancers. Like you can shop for those things using that phrase. Then, choose your color, height, blower power, etc. I want to know the person, who came up with this idea. I’m sure there was ridicule at first.

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So, yeah, we’re a used car lot. We just blend in with the scenery for most passers-by. Plus, there’s nine of them in this quarter-mile stretch of Broadway Blvd. We must stand out. Dantley’s hires those people to wear gorilla suits and carry signs pointing to their lot. That’s too expensive.

I need more height and more herky jerky movement. Something that really captures the eye. Like on the verge of creating accidents. I’m not saying I want people to total their vehicles in front of our lot, so they are newly in the market for a used car. I’m saying I want them to take a good look at our lot every time they pass, so when the time for a new car comes naturally, our lot, Savounty Motors, will be top of mind.

Here’s what I propose. You know when you work in an office and someone has balloons in their cubicle because it’s their birthday? You always look. That captures your attention. Part of it, is it’s a change from the drab, gray, depressing walls, and the quiet desperation emanating from those poor folks staring at their screens all day (God I’m glad I got into car sales).

Anyway, I’m thinking we have a tall balloon that moves around in the wind. This was Paul’s first attempt and it got refined from there, until he had a piece of plastic manufactured to look like a low resolution person and a leaf blower.

This invention took the world by storm and he started manufacturing the entire kit full time. His a multi-millionaire.

And, now his invention, his vision, is memorialized on this fine tee, which I think captures the phenomenon perfectly. I particularly love the watercolor feel.

I Just Wanna Dance T Shirt: Inflatable Air Dancer Brightens Your Day and Makes It Rain At Used Appliance Shop

I Just Wanna Dance T-Shirt

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