I Did It All For the Cookie T Shirt

I Did It All For the Cookie T Shirt. You think Santa does it to bring joy to the children, but really the whole damn Christmas gift, tree, chimney, reindeer, North Pole, and elves thing was just a sneaky way to get free cookies. 

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Thing is … I’m guessing that the ROI on the free cookie scheme is actually pretty bad. In fact, I’m guessing if you put a price on each free cookie (hell, I’ll even throw in the milk), say 35 cents (which I think is pretty high), there’s no way that adds up to the cost of the free present operation Mr. Claus has rolling. 

So, either he’s lying, or there’s a gigantic loan debt building up that is going to have to be paid at some point. You can’t keep kicking the can down the road like the U.S. government. 

Here’s cookie monster with a similar sentiment. I wonder if Santa or CM came up with it first?

Now, you probably think I forgot about the wordplay part of this shirt. Nope. I know that cookie rhymes with nookie and that is where this line comes from. Thanks Limp Bizkit.

That’s a tongue in check song about doing the whole rock ‘n roll thing specifically for the chance to hookup with a never ending stream of chicks. Maybe it’s not facetious. I mean if I had music skills, or whatever Limp Bizkit thinks they have, and was not very popular with the ladies, I’d certainly be motivated to start a band. 

I hear you don’t even have to get that big as a band to get woman to want you. Anyways, this got kind of blue for a cute Santa shirt, but gotta be real when it comes to where the inspiration for these shirts comes from.

Now, if the whole band groupie Santa cookie play on words has soured you toward this particular design, be assured we have dozens more merry Xmas funny t-shirts for your pleasure. 

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