I Believe In Santa T Shirt

I Believe In Santa T Shirt. Simple. Declarative. This is what I believe in and you can’t do anything about it. That’s why I really like this tee. Plus, the design is beautiful with Santa’s sleigh soaring so high with the reindeer.

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Do you believe in Santa? Answer in the comments below. There are two types of belief in this instance. One, is like a child believing in a lo-res version of Santa. Like he really flies around and delivers gifts to all the well-behaved boys and girls.

Then, there’s the belief that evolves as you get older. The St. Nick story no longer is “real” for you, but the Xmas spirit, the love and joy, and festive time with friends and family is what the Santa mythology stands for. And that’s just as real as anything else. So, yeah, shout it from the rooftops. I believe in Santa.

Wait, why is there all this shouting from rooftops. This phrase must have been conjured in a flat roofed culture. The roofs in my neighborhood are super high and steep. No way anyone in their right mind is going up there to profess their beliefs.

Anyway, if you dig the Xmas spirit, you might enjoy looking at a ton more Christmas tee designs.

Well, now did you have a look at that REO Speedwagon video. That’s from 2017. Those dudes are still making it happen. I’ll admit. I actually didn’t listen, because REO Speedwagon sucked in their prime, and I can’t imagine they’ve gotten better over the ensuing four decades.

Here are 30 quotes to get you in that Christmas spirit.

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I Believe In Santa T Shirt

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This is definitely one of my favorite Xmas Tees. The design is super clean and effective. The message undeniable. My only issue is the typography. The “I” looks like a 9 or something. I want this to sink into people’s subconscious before they even realize what they’re looking at.

Maybe that’s what this font does. Maybe it’s infiltrating the bah humbug defenses, while the mind is occupied with figuring out what the first letter/number is.