How I Cut Carbs T Shirt

How I Cut Carbs T Shirt. Ah, to be a young, skinny, trim, fit, no morbidly obese, pizza eating wordplayer. But, alas … just kidding, I don’t want to ruin the vibe of this shirt. Screw ketogenic. Forget paleo. You know what I’m saying. Enjoy yourself. Eat some damn carbohydrates.

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No really … that’s totally me on cheat day. I’m all over that gluten free, dairy free, meat free pizza on that one Saturday a month I’m not only eating salad. Yeah, I know. Epic. EPIC CHEAT DAY!!!!!!!!!

You know those full-sized chocolate bars. I had one square off of one of those last month. No joke. I am out of fuck’n control. Watch out. Mad man on the loose.

You know what else I did that was crazy? I took like 195 hours to pour through every SnorgTees Review on the web to find the best designs in their catalog. For you.

Screw cutting pizza. You gotta roll it like Homer. And after you do that you need to read this article on Wonderopolis about who invented pizza. Did you know there was  site called Wonderopolis. I did not until now.

How I Cut Carbs T Shirt: She Eats Whatever She Wants … I’m So Jelly

How I Cut Carbs T-Shirt

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Look at her just rubbing it in. She probably eats any damn thing she wants, any time she wants, in any quantity she wants, and still looks like that. Super t-shirt model hot amazing. Good for her. I’m not jealous. For reals.

Just happy for her that she can have amazing delicious gastronomic experiences with absolutely no guilt, and no lard packed on her gut. So so happy for her. I can’t even express my joy that she gets to enjoy the finer things in life while I eat kale three times a day. While the only dietary thing I can get excited about is that pinch of celtic sea salt on my boiled eggs.