How Easter Eggs Are Made T Shirt

How Easter Eggs Are Made T Shirt. Whoa. This one is a little racy. That bunny is mating with that chicken. Cross breeding to get those super colorful, festive eggs. They start bringing the bunnies into the hen house in early March to meet the Easter demand.

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I’m trying to find the line of appropriateness here. I’m thinking you don’t wear this to Easter church service with your gramma. Nor the fine bruch afterward. How about once you get home? What if there are kids around? Do you where it to the community egg hunt for kids.

Probably not. Kids asking what that bunny is doing to the chicken. Probably neither the time or place to start that convo about sex.¬†And you’re probably not the one to do it.

Plus “the birds and the bees” flows off the tongue better than “the bunnies and the chickens.”

Hey, why don’t you tell them the real history of the Easter egg as a symbol. Might be more appropriate.

How Easter Eggs Are Made T Shirt

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Damn. Have you done an image search for Easter eggs recently? They have taken that to the next level. My family used to buy those little kits in a box. Had tablets of different color die and that very flimsy copper-colored dipper.

If you felt extra fancy you would dip the egg in multiple colors. Or wrap a rubber around one to have white lines all around it. Actually, I think I made that up. I didn’t make it to that level back in the day.

Now, these eggs look like fine art. Each and every one has deep, rich color, and a shine. Like some kind of million dollar Faberge egg. I can’t even fathom how they do that and how long it takes. Good for them.

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