Hopster Bunny Discovered Eggs Before You T Shirt

Hopster Bunny Discovered Eggs Before You T Shirt. Hey, when you have a nose for the good stuff, you can’t really help finding it before the masses. And, you also have the amazing timing to bail right when it gets stale. Easter eggs are no exception.

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The hipsters have moved on from the eggs of course. Now, you gotta pickle them with pigs feet and plop them in your homebrewed malty beer, and swallow them whole after downing the brew. It’s cool. It leads to enlightenment. If you choke and die, you weren’t really meant for this Earth in these times.

Oh yeah. I forgot Hopster Bunny is probably running an urban farm with chickens, and collecting the eggs daily from the roof.

I feel like I’m a little bit of a hipster at heart without the cool part. I’m like a middle-aged dad anti-social dork that likes the idea of living off grid but would never rouse myself to actually make it happen. So, I’ll buy a cabbage and plan on grating it to make sour kraut. But, it will sit in the fridge crisper for weeks. Forgotten. That’s how hipster I am.

Being hipster really takes time. Things are made from scratch. I don’t have time for that. I have t-shirts to find and write about. It’s important. But, I’m not going to disparage the hipsters. I align with their predominant ethos. Except for some of the fashion choices. Not down.

Hopster Bunny Discovered Eggs Before You T Shirt: For Some Reason This Image Is Pleasing to Me

Hopster Bunny Discovered Eggs Before You T Shirt

Buy Now: Hopster Bunny Discovered Eggs Before You T Shirt

That image is carefully composed. Bright shiny foil colors juxtaposed with the muted pastels on the fence. Then the bunny kind of taking on the vibe of his surroundings. Slightly depressed with poor posture.

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