Hoppy New Year Beer T Shirt

Hoppy New Year Beer T Shirt. Wordplay for the New Year! If you’ve been following this blog for the last three decades you know full well how much I love the wordplay and beer shirts. It’s like the perfect combination. I actually am not a big fan of really hoppy beer but I’m going to let that slide. It’s not the point.

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You have all the popular types of beer represented too. The color of the beerbo so to speak. Lager. Stout. Pilsner. And Rubia.

Now that you’ve traveled through time and space and across the globe to experience all the four beers of the world, you must take a second exhausting but fulfilling journey. This time through all the best New Year’s shirts this planet has to offer.

If you’re confused as to what “hoppy” means, please have a look at this fine piece of expository writing craft.

Hoppy New Year Beer T Shirt: That Looks Like Drool

Hoppy New Year Beer T Shirt

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I’m not a huge fan of face jewelry. Maybe I’m too old for that. I don’t know. But, from a distance, like say the distance of the camera from this otherwise fine looking model, it looks like he has drool rolling down the left side of his mouth.

I can’t unsee it. Do you see it? Am I crazy? Anyway, maybe that’s the point … get so hoppy faced that you’re stupefied and drooling. That’s quite a way to bring in the new year. People will think you’re one of those downers that gets morose on New Years.

But really the festivity is roiling in your mind. You’re just too drunk for your face to express it.

I certainly cracked the code on this one. And, that’s why you come here for all your important t-shirt recommendations and news. Am I right? AM I RIGHT?

Happy Hoppy Hippy New Year. Wait, not hippy. Unless that’s your thing.