Home Malone T Shirt (First Malone)

Home Malone T Shirt. I must be getting old. This First Malone dude sounds like dying relatives to me. And not in a good way. But, I’m going to give all you folks about there that love him, love Xmas, and love the movie Home Alone. Because if you hit that trifecta this shirt was made for you.

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This White Christmas, I mean, White Iverson song has nearly 491 million views. What? That’s crazy. That guy sucks bad. But, really if you love him, you’re gonna love feeling that soft tee cotton in your hands, and the looks you get from all the hotties as you walk down the joyous lane.

If you love Austin Richard Post so much maybe you should go see him live. Go ahead, I’m not stoppin’ you, but your friends probably should. I mean, if you want to listen to that pablum, there might be major problems with your psyche.

Keeping you from going deeper into the Malone world, might save you from ultimate soul destruction at the hands of the cornrowed, autotuned warrior.

No, but seriously, I have no problem if you like Post Malone, and by all means do what you do, when it comes to desecrating the sound waves of this beautiful planet. I can’t stop you and I don’t want to. It’s a free country.

Home Malone T Shirt: You Need This Sophisticated Tee Design In Your Life

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I like the design. The blissful beard feel. The proud smile showing off the gold grill. The scraggly slinking out of the Santa cap and down the back of his neck. This is all very fine when it comes to a Home Alone – Post Malone mashup. Worthy of printing and selling to the public.

Still doesn’t change how I feel about this dude’s music. It’s awful.