Holy Shit I Love Tacos T Shirt

Holy Shit I Love Tacos T Shirt. Sometimes you have to curse when you are overwhelmed with positive emotion about a thing. Or sometimes you have to wear a tee with a curse word that expresses your love. TACOS!

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Do you like tacos? I’m guessing you do. Or maybe you don’t which is why you haven’t clicked the button to buy this tee yet. Real taco lovers would never bypass the chance to purchase this beauty, because it expresses the essence of their life and love of the taco food.

There’s something about tacos that really puts people over the edge. Delicious spiced meat and a tortilla and some other delicious accouterments. It’s really quite simple food, but sometimes the best food is like that. Tacos!

I guess they’re also fun because you can mix and match ingredients. Different types of meat. Hard shell. Soft tortilla (wheat or corn). Guac? Hot salsa? Greens?  It’s kind of endless. It also doesn’t hurt that they are delicious with beer or tequila.

And, to top it all off. You can’t not be happy when you’re eating tacos, so it’s the perfect food to have with friends.

Really just a solid food. One of my favorites. Is it one of yours? Tell me what type of taco is your favorite in the links below.

Holy Shit I Love Tacos T Shirt: This Kid Gets It!

Holy Shit I Love Tacos T Shirt
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