Ho Ho Ho Yippee Ki Yay T Shirt (John McClane Die Hard)

Ho Ho Ho Yippee Ki Yay T Shirt. No argument here that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. The main screenwriter says it is. All 94 copies at the MKE public library are checked out during Xmas time. What more evidence do you need? John McClane is basically the modern day Santa.

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No really. You’re not one of those that says Die Hard, an action thriller, can’t be a Christmas movie. The public at large disagrees, and that’s who matters. The hoi polloi has spoken on the matter. You can disagree until your green and red in the face, but you will be wrong.

Sure start your own club and talk to the four other people in the world that think the same way as you on the subject. The five of you are not going to change reality. Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Wait, why are you even here if you don’t believe? Maybe you should scoot on over to my pet hilarious Xmas tees page, that cost much of my blood, sweat, and tears to put together. Let’s just keep this civil. Walk away. Please. What would Santa do?

I like how this shirt is basically the ultimate summary of the movie. It has everything you could wear this xmas sweater t-shirt and basically embody the movie. Not just see it. But, feel it in your bones. And the people around you will too.

That’s a good thing, because it’s a classic and Bruce Willis is spectacular. Want to know more? Check out these 30 cold hard facts about Die Hard.

Ho Ho Ho Yippee Ki Yay T Shirt: When Die Hard is Showing You Know It’s Christmas Time

Ho Ho Ho Yippee Ki Yay T Shirt (John McClane Die Hard)

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Nakatomi Plaza. AR-15 (I don’t know what type of gun that is, I’m guessing. Give me a break NRA peeps). Walky talkies. Money. Police cars. A limo. I wonder why this design leaves off the last part of that quote. Probably because it’s meant to be worn on Christmas, and M-F’ers isn’t the most jolly language.

Think of the children.