HNY T Shirt (Happy New Year)

HNY T Shirt (Happy New Year). I’m beginning to think this is a representation of a very important character in a popular story influencing the Earth today. Is it? Am I missing out (FOMO!!!!!!!!!!). Anyway, I like the design whether it’s from a show or not. It’s stands on its own, and it should be on your body.

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Straight long hair, parted in the middle. Funky fun heart glasses. A pointy hat. This lady is ready to go. To party. To let loose. To bring in the new year in style.

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I think I saw this woman at the noon year’s eve party at the public library. See her? Over in the corner. Drinking punch. Whoa, pouring gin in the punch from a flask she’s secretly carrying in her purse. Not sure this is that kind of party, but what are you going to do.

Maybe she can hold her alcohol, and not turn into a hot noontime mess at this staid, bookish event.

You know there is a job title called programming librarian. Right? And throwing Noon Year’s Eve Parties is a thing. Like a go to in the play book. Like they teach it in programming librarian college.

HNY T Shirt (Happy New Year): Libary Programmer Encourages Your Attendance and Participation

HNY T-Shirt (Happy New Year)

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This is a programming librarian. The lines above and below the letters are weird. Maybe she’s trying to mix it up. She sees properly formatted letters all day every day, so for this special occasion she went with the lines and the all caps.

Bold choice. Actually the lines remind me of that game hangman, even though it’s only lines on the bottom. Maybe if you win, you get all happy and scribble lines on top too. So, maybe this is a new fangled hangman game, where instead of a stick figure at the hangman’s noose, you draw a programming librarian with rad glasses and festive hat. Sounds macabre, but people are into the strangest things these days.