Hey Over Here I Found Bacon T Shirt

Hey Over Here I Found Bacon T Shirt. Bacon is so damn popular these days. It’s amazing. With all the weirdo health food nuts, and religious zealots, who don’t eat pork, you’d think there wouldn’t be such an outward love for the crispy pig.

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But, there is. A ton of love. Truly over the moon for that sizzle. With good reason. The stuff is delicious. Here’s the history of bacon from a site called The Spruce, which is a name I am partial to.

That video is of bacon cooking. It’s four hours long. We live in a magnificent time. The epoch is dope. Bacon is delish and shirts are funny. In fact, there are 60+ SnorgTees Reviews of the my favorites on this site that you should really check out if you are a fan of the absurd.

Hey Over Here I Found Bacon T Shirt

Hey Over Here I Found Bacon T-Shirt

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How would you like to be a professional icon maker in this day and age? I think it would be tough. Your work could be mocked by thousands. Clowned immemorial on a tea. That’s obviously a sign alerting people it’s safe to swim, but the kids today have to make a damn joke of everything.

Bacon. Do they know how effin hard it is to develop this iconography that delivers clear messages to anybody in nanoseconds. It’s an art. I’ve won awards. Yet, these kids, who have done nothing but tear down the culture and eat delicious bacon, think they’re better than me because they can make a joke of the squiggly lines.

This one was done in 1973. It took me four months of 13 hour days to come up with that. I had an entire forest of crumpled scrap paper. I was a man possessed. I put all of the skills I had collected over a lifetime of practice and study, and I came up with a masterpiece.

This is in the iconography hall of fame. Look it up.