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He Need Some Milk T Shirt. Celebrate the meme that rocked the world. Who cares how old it is. It’s good and will stand the test of time, which is why you need the shirt to commemorate. Anytime you can capture revulsion and motherly instinct on a t-shirt you have to do it.

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“Y’all better leave that mojo alone. They makin’ it themselves.”

The meme is solid. The original video is kind of sad. Some young kid publicly freaking out on some nasty synthetic marijuana. Shaking. Falling. He probably did need some milk.

But the barrage of people that needed the good old dairy remedy after this thing went viral was a sight to behold. What a world we live in with this Internet thingy driving it all. Anyone suffering from a bump, bruise, or fall in a video suddenly needed milk to soothe the pain, the heal the wounds, and to make things right.

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The power of crowd sourcing never ceases to amaze me. An idea pops up. And boom, 10,000s of people, including your mom probably, start putting together ridiculous videos on the theme. It’s viral. It’s the meme. And it’s a phenomenon particular to the Internet age.

And, it’s spectacular.

I have to say after watching the video below, I don’t think of the injured are going to be fixed with milk. Like the dude doing a belly flop from the balcony of some kind of parliament. He might need a Band-Aid also.

Or the car getting crushed by the train. The people inside could probably use some milk, but that car is going to need a lot more than milk. So, sometimes even the best of healing elixirs aren’t right for certain cases. Just remember that and be safe out there.