Happy New Year Haters T shirt

Happy New Year Haters T Shirt. You get a little tipsy on New Years. You’re a genial drunk, rather than the other kind. You start to get a little soft and mushy about your close friends and family. Then, you have a couple more, and now you’re even starting to feel a fondness for your enemies. This is a magnanimous shirt.

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Certainly this can be construed as a twisting of the knife. Kindness towards enemies is the most brutal blow. That kind of thing.

Maybe you are trying to disarm all the people that hate what you do. That try to bring you down. That can’t stand that you are trying to make something of yourself.

But, I prefer to think that you know that life is crazy, and there’s a million points of view out there. And we’re not all going to get along or even agree. So, bottom line. We all made it to a new year, so let’s celebrate that fact.

Here’s a convenient compendium if you need even more funny new year shirts options to celebrate life and such.

Not sure if that woman is singing happy new year to her haters or what. I don’t know what that language is. But, the title of the video is such, so I’m going to go with it. Very important that you watch that video before you buy the shirt.

Where did this whole concept of having haters start? Probably in the rap world with all those beefs and jealousies and violent tendencies. Probably “haters gonna hate,” kicked it all off.

Because, I’m guessing the normal cubicle worker isn’t going to have a ton of haters. Probably a lot of “don’t really ever thing about you because you’re so boring” but not haters.

I’m not saying you’re boring. If you found yourself on this page you probably genuinely do interesting, controversial stuff, and are hated for your truth. And, for that I salute you. Go ahead and get this one.

Happy New Year Haters T shirt

Happy New Year Haters T-Shirt

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I think this tee also works as an ironic garment. Maybe it’s for your sweet gramma, who nobody in their right mind would hate. That would be a funny thing for her to wear.