Happy New Year Guy Riding Fire Cracker T Shirt

Happy New Year Guy Riding Fire Cracker T Shirt. Is this what the kids mean when they say it’s about to get lit? This tux-wearing, male pattern baldness suffering, dude is ganked out of his mind. Too much of the bubbly, perhaps. But, he is bringing in the new year with vigor. Commendable.

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This is one of those rare times when the accountant ties one on and you get to see what really is going on in that analytic mind. He never really speaks, unless you get him going about spreadsheets, which everyone knows not to do, so you really don’t get a sense of him.

But, for whatever reason, maybe the end of year accounting was brutal and took its tool, he decided to let loose. He did the calculation and decided against daily alcohol consumption, but he also calculated he could handle one bout of binge drinking.

Little did he know he had a wild man lurking inside. Now, riding a firecracker or rocket didn’t really happen, but it’s representative of what he did do.

He nearly killed himself, jumping off the roof into the pool. He made a wild pitch at the hottest woman in the place. She actually considered it because it was so brash and sloppy, she felt like maybe this was a man with great confidence, which is a desirable trait.

Our accountant lived to tell the tale, though he doesn’t remember much. He’ll be back at work on Tuesday, crunching them numbers, keeping to himself, eating his turkey sandwich with the door closed in his office.

Happy New Year Guy Riding Fire Cracker T Shirt: Infrequent Binge Drinking Will Save Your Soul

Happy New Year Guy Riding Fire Cracker T-Shirt

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I am not encouraging binge drinking, but sometimes you have get a little crazy. Get out of the bubble or box. Go across town. Get into a situation you haven’t been in before. In expands your horizons, and makes new neural pathways and connections in your brain. I mean the cheap champagne probably immediately destroys those brain connections, but still …

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