Happy New Year 1959 Bioshock T Shirt

Happy New Year 1959 Bioshock T Shirt. I like the thought of wearing the wrong date to a New Year’s party. Particularly if it’s just a year or two off. Just a little dissonance to kick the year off right. Now, 1959 is another thing entirely. If people don’t know Bioshock, they may think you’re looking pretty good for your age.

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I, of course, know exactly what Bioshock is. It’s a first person shooter game set in the 1960s. I guess that’s the significance of the 1959. You were having all kinds of fun, including awesome New Year’s parties, then came the 60s.

Do I need to go on? Obviously, I know my stuff …




So, are you going to get this shirt or what? If it’s not for you, would you kindly check out the rest of the New Year’s themed funny tshirts I have collected for your immense convenience?

Did you know that Bioshock had its own Twitter account. I did, because I’m like the games’ number one fan of all time, except for Larry. He was number one, but he died choking on peach flavored licorice sticks. I wasn’t there.

I totally would have given him the Heimlich, even if tempted by the opportunity to take his place as number one fan. It just happened organically. I mean, the licorice wasn’t organic, but he wasn’t murdered or anything.

Happy New Year 1959 Bioshock T Shirt

Happy New Year 1959 T-Shirt

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Hey, why don’t you leave a comment trying to prove to me that you’re nearly as big a fan of bioshock as me. Obviously, you won’t measure up to me, but if you’re in the same ballpark that’s pretty damn impressive.

You’ll probably get a girlfriend just by listing out all the reasons why you’re in the top 100 of Bioshock fans. Well, maybe not a real girlfriend, but maybe someone across the country that you can message once a week on average.

She may even look like the red head in the tank top. Nah.

Happy New Year!