Hail Santa Devil Star T Shirt

Hail Santa Devil Star T Shirt. Not sure what to think about this one. If you’re a Satan worshiper you probably think this is a desecration of the Pentagram. If you’re a lover of Xmas and Santa, you might think this shirt is evil. Maybe this shirt is for no one at all?!

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If this design is too disconcerting and confusing, then you might want to look at the other novelty Christmas Tees I have found after a lifetime of searching.

If this is your type of t-shirt, I’d really like to get into your mind and see what’s going on. Are you an anarchist, so mixing up Santa and Satan is a recipe for chaos cookies that you find delicious, particularly when dipped in a small glass of egg nog?

Do you understand that when you dive deeper into the predominant myths in our culture, there must be a good element and an evil element, because that’s the way the world is?

I’m talking myself into this. I mean just the closeness of the spelling Santa and Satan is compelling. Then, there’s the Krampus, who is the traditional stand in for evil monster.

Or maybe I’m getting to deep, and this was just a typo, that triggered a misunderstanding between the copywriter and the designer. Or maybe this crack team has strong feelings about Santa representing the overly materialistic side of Christmas, and wanted to put it as bluntly as possible.

Hail Santa Devil Star T Shirt: A Very Talented Designer Put This Together

Hail Santa Devil Star T Shirt

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All the details are right in this tee. The font (look at those foreboding A’s). The red of the pentagram and circle matching the red of Santa’s hat. The perfect tilt of Santa’s round head providing nice contrast to the pointy angles of the star.