H2O Santa Claus T Shirt (SCUBA Diving)

H2O Santa Claus T Shirt. I’ve never SCUBA dived. But, it looks pretty awesome. Right? Going to a beautiful oceanic part of the world, and diving into the depths of the sea to check out the mesmerizing, bizarre creatures. Add a Santa suit and you know that if you’re wearing this shirt you are SCUBA 24/7/365. Even on Christmas.

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This shirt is seriously having an effect on me. I have Xmas traditions with my family. I’ve seen all the amazing funny Christmas T-shirts this wonderful world has to offer. Yet, making SCUBA diving a holiday traditional seems like a great move. 

Yes, every year me and my friends and family fly out of the miserable frozen Wisconsin tundra to a tropical paradise, to commune with the sea life, and hang on the beach soaking in the sun. 

No seriously. I’m really thinking about this. Now that this site brings in $57,000/week, I’m in a financial position to take amazing trips. But, first, I need to learn how to Scuba.

H2O Santa Claus T Shirt: When SCUBA is Your Life This is Your Tee

H2O Santa Claus T Shirt

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I like the mystery diver on this shirt. He’s like I’m mirthful this Yuletide, but I’m still not a person to be messed with. I’m mysterious and dark. You can see the Santa accouterments, but you can’t see my eyes. And you don’t know the real reason I’m poking around in the salty depths. And, I’m not going to tell you.

By the way, here’s some great wordplay H2O, H2O, H2O to keep your mind occupied so you don’t start asking too many questions. Very sophisticated design. 

Man, what would it be like to find a gold doubloon in a random shipwreck. Hell, I might not even have to travel far to find out. I live by Lake Michigan and there’s been a ton a shipwrecks in the area over the years.