The Guac Tarot T Shirt

The Guac Tarot T Shirt. Random and delicious. You know it’s serious tarot reading though because the chip was dipped in the guacamole then turned upside down for the photo.

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Are you comfortable with the all seeing eye on this chip? Is the Deep State just making you comfortable with 24/7 surveillance by combining the sinister iconography with your favorite foods. What’s next? Tacos? Pizza? Is it all New World Order food.

Do they have control of everything delectable? Maybe. Or perhaps I’m taking the wrong angle and the real criminal in this scene is the designer of this shirt. Or maybe they are being forced against their will to pump out this brainwashing art.

Or maybe it’s just a friendly piece of black magic, witchcraft art on a soothsayer card that connects its reader with the devil. No problem there, but if it’s that NWO stuff run far away from this thing.

The Guac Tarot T Shirt: Wait what are the Red Bits? Tomato? Red bell pepper? Serrano?

The Guac Tarot T-Shirt

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I love guacamole. This is not a secret. I let people know. Probably too much. Like I’m not sure the cashier wants to hear about my perfected recipe every time I go through the line with 8+ avocados. Once or twice maybe. But three times a week is a little much.

There is something I’m excited to share with people everyday if I can. Do you know what that is? The list of my favorite Snorg Tees. You should check it out.

All joking aside. If this card gets pulled in your reading no matter where Venus is … you’re going to be in good shape for at least six months. Guacanteed. Guacamole is so powerfully tasty, that it has the gravitational pull to get you in its most awesome orbit, so that things just start working out.

So, next time you get a tarot reading, I wish upon you The Guac.