Grumpy Cat Christmas Tree T Shirt

Grumpy Cat Christmas Tree T Shirt. I can’t imagine this cat is stoked about having lights strung around his body and a star affixed to his head. Well, unless he did it to himself, which I can imagine. What with the weird fighty, attack, predator stuff my cat does to shoe laces, feathers, and house plants, this cat very well could have fought his way to perfectly decorative.

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Flash poll! Do you have a cat(s) in your house? Is it grumpy? Answer in the comments below. I bet we’re 50-50 cat owners versus non-cat owners. Probably 9% of the visitors are cat haters, but that’s all the airtime I’m going to give to people like that.

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Dig all the grumpy cat memes. Hell, generate one of your own. Get all creative and hilarious and make it happen.

Grumpy Cat Christmas Tree T Shirt

Grumpy Cat Christmas Tree T-Shirt

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This looks more like perturbed cat. He doesn’t have the markings of the classic grumpy cat, but we’re gonna go with it. I’m starting to believe he did it to himself. Wrapped himself in the lights and got the star stuck on the top of his head (with a strong adhesive, it’s not actually stuck in his skull with a sharp stick … don’t worry).

Now, he’s in the stage where he tells you with his insouicance that he meant to do this. Then, the next stage is acting like he doesn’t even care about all this stuff he was just attacking like his life depended on it two minutes ago.

Final stage, is him shaking all that crap off of him like he never wanted it to be like this, and is not sure how it all happened. And probably the person he lives with is to blame, and he should probably scratch that person’s face (or yowl in the middle of the night) as revenge.