Grinch Stealing Christmas T Shirt

Grinch Stealing Christmas T Shirt. This design is so well done. Using the Christmas Sweater motif, the designer has The Grinch unraveling the stitching that spells Merry Christmas. Very clever.

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I love this tee. It’s really cool. I also like that it’s a black shirt with white low resolution “stitching” and a high resolution evil Grinch pulling at the threads. This might be one of my favorite Christmas tees. And, let me tell you, I’ve seen a lot of them as I curated the best.

This whole non-animated live actor Grinch stuff is pretty weird. Good, but it’s weird looking at people act out How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Which version do you prefer? Let me know in the comments.

This Grinch Stealing Christmas T Shirt Will Definitely Be a Hit At Xmas Parties

Grinch Stealing Christmas T Shirt

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Guaranteed! If you get this shirt and wear it to your next Christmas gathering, you will become the center of attention the whole night. No joke. It’s not going to be everybody surrounding you the whole night like Bruce Willis at a neighborhood party in Buffalo. No, it won’t be that crazy, unless you are an A-lister, then, yes, you will be surrounded the whole night, so beware. Although, I’m thinking Mr. or Ms. A-lister, that you might be surrounded if you hit a general public party whether you’re wearing this shirt or not.

Look don’t get me wrong. I fully endorse mega stars wearing this tee, but for all the rest of us, I think you can get a little taste of fame if you wear this to a party.

Again, it won’t be a swarm, but it will be a continual flow of engagement with people admiring the shirt, and you talking about the shirt. If you have trouble approaching people in social situations this tee will help. You will not be able to hide on the end of the couch under a pillow and not speak to anyone wearing this.

Go get ’em superstar!