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Government Shutdown T Shirts. Remember this time, when the obstructionists are trying to ram political garbage down our throats, and since he’s not getting his way, Chuck Schumer is shutting down the government.

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It’s kabuki theater. The radical left is trying to change the fabric of the American culture, just to get votes. They do not know how dangerous this is. Once it hits a tipping point, there’s no going back, and we slowly descend into socialist, neo-marxist hell.

That’s what this is all about, and President Trump is absolutely correct in trying to clean up immigration. There must be a rule of law. They must be vetted. The legal process must be respected. Illegals must go into they can go through proper channels. It’s not fair to all those that came here legally.

I mean they came to the United States for a reason. It provided better opportunity than their home countries. If they took a second to think about it, legal immigrants probably don’t want an unfettered wave of illegals flooding into the U.S. thus turning this country into the third world shithole they just left.

Look I empathize with people doing whatever they can to make a better life for themselves and their family. I respect it. I congratulate them on recognizing that the United States is the place to be. But, there has to be rules. We should be taking their best.

Some people call this a brain drain on already weak countries. I say if high quality people see no opportunity in their country then they should be given opportunity in the United States. If they stay, well, what can you do. But, maybe, they’ll go back, share the fruits of their success, and lay the groundwork for improving their own countries, so that the next generation doesn’t have to emigrate to capitalize on their talents.

There’s a more nefarious reason that the Swamp is pushing for DACA. They want cover to import operatives, like MS-13 gang members to do their dirty work, and folks like Imran Awan to run spy rings in Congress, and hack important governmental systems.

You may call it conspiratorial, but however slimy you think politics is … it’s 100 times worse than that, so you have to keep an open mind to any and all devious, greedy plots these soulless, evil, play actors are executing.

Government Shutdown T Shirts: Non-Essential Employees Don’t Get Paid

Non-Essential Employee of the Month T Shirt

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So, the non-essential employees get screwed during a government shut down. It’s probably a classification of positions that you know before you take the job. It would suck if there was just some manager deciding, on the fly, who was non-essential and who wasn’t.