Got Out of Bed Today T Shirt

Got Out of Bed Today T Shirt. Well that’s a start. Good job. Pat yourself on the back. And once you’re done celebrating your major accomplishment you should probably go take a nap.

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I know. I know. You’re probably going to say that the person, who was able to accomplish so much so get a lot more than a fake medal on a t-shirt. I think you’re right. That’s why you should donate to the GOOBT Patreon fund, so we can reward all of our high achievers with cold, hard cash when they perform in such heroic fashion.

Don’t be cheap right now. Get the shirt, but also donate to the fund. We need your support. Our burgeoning population of risers need your monetary encouragement. Western Civilization needs to know you care and support and celebrate people, who get things done.

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Get motivated. Then get up. Then get this tee. It’s a simple plan with magnificent results awaiting you. Particularly … looking really good in this green, soft shirt.

Got Out of Bed Today T Shirt: What If This Was the Shirt You Wore To Bed Only. IRONIC!!!!

Got Out of Bed Today T Shirt

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This will surely be a conversation starter for you. How can it not be. People will give you that thumbs up. Nice job. Atta boy. You go girl type of feedback. And you can say that it’s not meant to be funny, because you have a debilitating disease that keeps you bed ridden.

So, it’s a very special day, because you’ve made it outside. But, you’re starting to feel a little woozy and probably should lie down soon.

Then, people will be like “oh, well, feel better.” And then hopefully give you like $5 in sympathy cash.

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