Gone Easter Squatchin’ T Shirt

Gone Easter Squatchin’ T Shirt. Hunt for Easter eggs. Hunt for Sasquatch. Very similar, except for the fact that the Easter egg hunt doesn’t end until all the eggs are found. The hunt for Sasquatch never ends.

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Sometimes Sasquatch hides in plain site. He’ll join in little holiday rituals, and people are so excited about the frivolity of the moment, they don’t noticed the really big, hairy child finding a disproportionately large amount of the eggs.

Also, what is not noticed is that several of the children are missing. With all the Easter egg, Easter bunny, early church service, celebration of the risen Christ, some things get missed like you drove all the way home after the hunt without Marcy.

I almost forgot to mention Sasquatch’s other name Bigfoot. Thank God I found that video to remind me of that great name.

Did you know that the Bigfoot myth has been around for over 50 years. Gotta love these apocryphal stories.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I believe.

Gone Easter Squatchin’ T Shirt: Believe in Jesus and Sasquatch and That You’ll Find Both Before You Die

Gone Easter Squatchin' T Shirt
Photo by Steve Snodgrass

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Easter eggs are symbolic of new life. Sasquatch is a symbol of nature’s mysteries. Jesus is a symbol of the ideal man. This shirt is loaded with symbolism. Careful, an image like that can burrow into your mind and change things. Make sure you’re able to handle a takeover, in case, it opens doorway’s of perception you are not ready for.

If doorways are opened and you’re not ready you open yourself up for mind control. Be strong. Be truthful. And you will harden yourself to the hostile takeover of your mind.

I’m not saying that’s what this design is. I have no idea what I’m saying. I think I’ve been taken over. Wait a minute.

Anyways, go see all the funny Easter shirts I found. Lot of good stuff in that post.