Girl With Pizza Slice T Shirt

Girl With Pizza Slice T Shirt. The original Vermeer painting is nice, but with the addition of a piece of pizza, it’s amazing. It’s like the best artwork ever. Thus, one of the best shirts you’ll see. Oh, and it’s funny.

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I think the reason this tee speaks to me is because I liked The Girl With the Pearl Earring the movie starring Scarlett Johansson. Actually, I think I don’t remember the movie except for the Scarlett residue, which dust my mind and causes me to remember it kindly.

Actually, it might have been boring.

Anyways, the artist young model story is always a little tenuous. You know those artists. Not necessarily the most upright, law abiding, chaste folk.

Johannes Vermeer was a Danish painter. Well regarded. Did his thing back in the mid-1600s. Damn that’s a long time ago. That Girl With the Pearl Earring doesn’t seem that ancient. Perhaps it’s timeless.

I do like that painting though. I also like pizza, but it doesn’t really agree with me. Mashup the two and the whole blows away the sum of its parts.

It’s not subtle. Yet, sorta subtle. She looks quite natural holding that piece of pizza. It adds a hint of surprise, like she was just sitting down for some lunch and all of a sudden this dude shows up with his paints, brushes, and easel.

He probably started instructing her on how to hold the pizza, and she was probably like “bro.”

And he was probably like. “No. No. Hang with me here. This painting is going to be revered in 400 years. You’ll be posthumously famous as the girl with the slice of pizza.”

“Yeah but I’m hungry right now.”

Girl With Pizza Slice T Shirt: Can I Eat Now Or What? There’s Another Piece. I’ll Eat This One and Model That Other One.

Girl With Pizza T Shirt
Photo by adactio

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“Unacceptable!” Vermeer said. “Forget it. The mood is gone. Here, just put this pearl earring on and we’ll try again. Christos!”

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