Gesundheit Astronaut Sneeze T Shirt

Gesundheit Astronaut Sneeze T Shirt. Fear of doing this very thing is the only reason why I never became an astronaut. No joke. Snotahelmetphobia is real. And scary. And psychologically stronger than PTSD. I couldn’t overcome it.

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Actually, is SnorgTees trying to make light of this condition? I sure hope not. That wouldn’t be cool. I would have to express my outrage through all available social media channels. Probably sue for mental duress.

Probably sneeze in a helmet while I’m dirt biking just to show it was no joke.

I also am hugely afraid of German words, so I’m pretty sure Snorg Tees put this design together just to mess with me. Not cool.

I mean, I wasn’t into science or math or flying aircraft or anything else that astronauts typically do, but I really was going to bring something important to the space exploration table. Research how overeating chile lime cashews in space effects the human male body. Very important. Widespread world-changing applications.

I coulda been a contender. So close to the ring. I have regret every day. And here this t-shirt just openly mocks me. Not cool.

Gesundheit Astronaut Sneeze T Shirt

Gesundheit Astronaut Sneeze T-Shirt

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There’s something about the cartoonish look of these particular astronauts that also gets me. Like, you couldn’t even make buddy, but these overweight cartoon goof ups totally are floating in space right now. Too bad you couldn’t be there with them.

See every astronaut sneezes, pisses, poops, and vomits in their suit every day, but they carry on. Get past it. Isn’t a deal breaker. They have the mental fortitude. What’s your problem?

Don’t you wish you could be flitting around in space with your jetpack and zero gravity eating your goddamned cashews.

Such a failure.

But, really, what’s up with Space X taking the place of NASA? Is that cool? Is Elon Musk on the up and up. He’s not selling top secret research and development that the United States citizens pay for to the highest enemy bidder. No way that’s happening right. No space weaponry in the wrong hands.

Okay. Cool. Just asking.