Gangsta Wrapper T Shirt: When You Know How To Make a Gift Look Good

Get the Gangsta Wrapper T Shirt because it’s funny and it kind of hints that you know what’s up with the gangsta rapping, and that you’re well rounded enough to also be able to make a gift look clean.

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I love that this tee mashes up two worlds that you would not think would go together. Yes, gangsta rappers probably get presents for their crew and their bitches, but they sure as hell are never going to actually wrap those gifts. Or any other funny Xmas tee shirts they might happen upon.

Or maybe they will. Sometimes those evil dudes with extreme leadership skills have odd little sub-skills or peculiarities that really stand out if you see them in unguarded moments. Think the evil genius in the Bond films that’s always stroking a cat. It’s like the cat gives balance to the despicable man’s life so he can sleep at night and get enough rest to crank out the next day’s evil machination to do list.

So, it’s possible during Xmas time, some minion happens upon the jefe, lovingly folding the festive, shiny paper so it perfectly taught with clean corners … you know like those super talented professional gift wrappers at the mall.

Maybe that minion sees the delicate work and tries to sneak away so the boss doesn’t get him into some weird ass power dynamic, where he now wants the help to become a frickin’ amazing wrapper of presents but there’s no way because he’s all thumbs. But, maybe if he doesn’t get it right he gets taken out back and shot by the two guys that used to be his bros in the operation.

I’m trying to unsee the fact that the present sorta looks like a block of swiss cheese. Then again maybe that’s appropriate. Wasn’t Denzel handing out food to the people in his hood to keep in the good graces of the neighborhood.

Maybe the gangsta is wrapping cheese so people don’t go hungry over the holidays. It’s kind of a thing as you’ll discover if you read this article about the “nefarious roots of street-level holiday charity.”

Gangsta Wrapper T Shirt: When You Know How To Make a Gift Look Good

Gangsta Wrapper T Shirt

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