Galaga Christmas T Shirt

Galaga Christmas T Shirt. Whoa! This is a reference to an early 80’s video game. Does anybody even know what Galaga is any more. I guess people get into retro stuff.

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Who plays Galaga? Seriously, can someone leave a comment and tell me you’re under 50 years old and play Galaga. Is there a way to play it on a new video game console. Like some kind of retro pack of games you can play in your XBOX.

This world is so foreign to me, but I get why people are into it. It’s a feeling of accomplishment while still escaping. It’s way better than binge watching TV shows, and feeling proud that you got through 13 episodes this weekend.

Video game feats seem more impressive. Like for instance this dude making it to level eleventy billion in Galaga. Here tune in to this 3 and a half our vid for the full journey to mastery. Tell me that isn’t more interesting than the last six episodes of Stranger Things.

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Galaga Christmas T Shirt

Galaga Christmas T Shirt

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Not sure if Galaga is part of this, but did you realize there is a Major League Gaming association. They call it esports. Kids (and even adults) play sports in arenas in front of a bunch of people, like a legit sports event.

Seriously. This is a thing. Not sure what kind of money can be made in these competitions, but if this sounds like something you want to pursue, the first step is purchasing, washing, and wearing this very fine tee shirt.

I’m older than the hills, but I’m considering this. I bet the top players have been playing games since they were zygotes. There’s probably super fancy ways to give your child a controller in utero. It’s cutting edge right now which is why you haven’t heard about it. But, you will. They only do it in Germany, but the technology will migrate, just like that blood centrifuge stuff.