Funny Valentine’s Day T-Shirts With Cupid

Funny Valentine’s Day T-Shirts With Cupid. Does the fact that cupid exists in mythology basically mean we can’t figure out why the hell we get together in romantic relationships with the people we do. Why we’re attracted to these types? So, we blame it on a little dude fluttering around shooting love arrows.

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That is kind of the gist right? Who knows, but I’m guessing Cupid with an AK-47 is a modern take on the myth. Soon it will be like EMP weapons. Or a computer virus. Was there earlier versions, before the bow and arrow, where Cupid was just chucking rocks at some fool’s heart? Probably.

Bad cupid with a gun seems to be a popular motif. More accuracy, but still no explanation as to why. Maybe if they could put together a dossier of information that the celestial beings have collected on you (kind of like the NSA and the CIA cut out social media networks), then it would make more sense why you’re falling for this particular train wreck. Until then we have to trust in the intuition of some flying marksbaby.

The sunglasses and badass tuft on hair take this one to the next level.

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Get some of the background info and where Cupid comes from. I generally stay far from Ted Talks, but this is an animation, so hopefully there’s not too many smug intellectuals pacing the stage and pontificating in that hallmark Ted Talk cadence.

I’ve never really had the problem Psyche did with being too beautiful and intimidating for potential suitors to approach her. This has not been one of my crosses to bear. Thank God. Must be rough.

Funny Valentine’s Day T-Shirts With Cupid: Sometimes When You’re in the Middle of Love You Want to Call Cupido Stupido. Si?

Funny Valentine's Day T-Shirts With Cupid

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Such a nice little rhyme that packs a ton of information. It’s only three words, but is says so much.