Funny Valentine Tees Featuring Food

Funny Valentine Tees Featuring Food. There is something to be said for a love of food. It enriches your life. You get energy. Nutrients. Calories. Enjoyment. And, most importantly, you can shove down any uneasy feelings by stuffing comfort food down in large quantities. Ah. Love.

Being fat ain’t so bad, especially when the food loves of your life approve 100%.

Of course, the foods featured on these Valentine food tees are pizza, bacon, tacos, and chocolate. These are top of the food chain these days. I would add meatloaf but that’s just me. I love meatloaf more than any of my friends or family, but let’s keep that between you and me.

But, yes, tacos are tops too. Delicious. I prefer crispy shell. Beef. Arrugula. Green onion. Radish. Hot sauce. Sour cream. Cheese. Oh my God. Hey tacos, be my Valentine right now.

Eating is so sensual. You see it. Taste it. Touch it. Smell it. Make love to it. Wait, what you don’t do that? That’s inappropriate?! I meant it metaphorically of course. Geez. What kind of perv do you think I am?

One of those Moloch worshiping radical Leftists?!?!

No way.

But, I have snuggled a warm loaf of fresh pumpernickel. True story. Full transparency.

Funny Valentine Tees Featuring Food: When Pizza Makes Your World Go ‘Round

Funny Valentine Tees Featuring Food
Photo by BJ Carter

I’d rather this image featured this woman smearing a greasy, dripping slice all over her face, but I guess I need to keep it PG-13 on this blog. But, think of the cheese sliding down her hand. Grease caught in mid flight leaping from her chin.  Her eyes rolled back. Sausage stuck between her teeth. That crust dust all over her cheeks.

This might be unbelievable to you, but I did find some Valentine shirts that didn’t involve food. You might not be interested, but if by chance there’s a smidge of curiosity, then go here.