9 Funny Star Wars Valentine T Shirts

Funny Star Wars Valentine T Shirts. Not sure why there are so many of these Valentine’s Day Star Wars tees, but if the George Lucas joint warms your heart you’ll probably need to improve your special day of love plus 47% by getting one of these fine designs.


I have to admit it’s a pretty cute combination, and you get all of your favorite characters.

  • Han “Never” Solo
  • Princess “Ravaging” Leia
  • Boba “Lova” Fett
  • Darth “Big Softy” Vader
  • Chew Your Lips Chewbacca
  • Yoda The Romantic

If you need more inspiration, check out these top 10 Hans and Leia moments.

It’s really a thing this Star Wars Valentine’s Day. People love the movies so much that they know that offering anything related to it to their lover is going to earn them mucho points.

Fascinating. I mean I like Star Wars as much as the next guy, but I’ve never taken it to that level. Does this mean every holiday has Star Wars paraphenalia that the dedicated collect and trade with their friends and significant others? Are their houses literally overflowing with all of this stuff?

And most importantly. Is the bond unbreakable? Is Star Wars the key to fidelity and long lasting relationships? I bet the stay together rate is much higher with these peculiar couples. And they probably are happier. I might need to look into this.

Funny Star Wars Valentine T Shirts

star wars valentine photo
Photo by JD Hancock

Funny Star Wars Valentine’s T Shirts are all the rage. If you want to make your love grow, you must get one of these things for your Valentine.

There are reports that it actually works with perfect strangers too. Have one hanging from your back pocket. Go to the club, bar, single’s group at church on Valentine’s Day and offer the shirt to the cutest babe in the place. Works 97% of the time. Guaranteed.

And, once you’re a couple, you’ll need to go shopping for funny t shirts to wear the rest of the year. It may seem like it to lovebirds, but every day is not Valentine’s Day. You’ll need more shirts.