Funny Squirrel T Shirts

Funny Squirrel T Shirts. I’ve collected my favorite tees featuring squirrels doing weird things like preparing to kill a man, wearing luchador masks, whispering, playing banjos, taking selfies, being toxic, or hanging with moose. And for some reason they are oddly absurd-funny.

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There are a lot of widely disparate opinions on squirrels. Probably a majority love them, but there’s a healthy cohort of haters out there. These include …

  • gardeners that suffer from squirrel’s digging up their plants.
  • home owners that have destroyed attics and potential electrical wire fire hazards.
  • birders that enjoy watching yellow finches on the patio bird feeder, except that the damn squirrels eat all the seed.
  • generally tidy people being abused by chewed up trash bins and detritus strewn across the alley, the driveway, and the yard.

I’m sure there are more reasons. But, on the positive side squirrels are damn cute with their puffy cheeks and bushy tails. They play and run up and down trees. You can feed them. Some of them fly.

I get why there is so much passionate debate about the squirrels. I get why January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day.

And, it stands to reason, that with all this squirrel buzz in everybody’s lives that there would be a healthy selection of funny squirrel t-shirts to peruse. When, concepts or events or animals are hard to process, one of the coping mechanisms is humor. Enjoy this carefully curated list:

Here’s a gratuitous squirrel video:

To really have an opinion on the squirrel question, you should probably do a bit of research. This is where I would start.

Funny Squirrel T Shirts: Your Nuts May Be Next

Buy Now: Squirrel With Nut Necklace T Shirt

There is certainly something menacing about this squirrel. It’s like he’s got a necklace or ears and teeth of his enemies, except his main prey is nuts, so he’s got those instead. Nuts aren’t really alive like a human or deer or whatever, but with those tall pointy ears, the thousand mile stare, and the strangely colored nuts, I still feel uneasy, like I’m in the presence of a bad squirrel.


Have you seen all the funny t shirts this world has to offer. Probably not because there are about eleventy billion of them. I try to find the best and share them with you for your tickled pleasure.