Funny Easter Shirts: The Resurrection Ain’t No Joke But You Gotta Keep a Sense of Humor

Funny Easter Shirts for when you need to mix the religious with the cute with the goofy. That heady mixture comes up like once a year in Spring. When it’s time to rise again.

Easter is kind of different than other holidays because it is overtly religious. I guess a lot of holidays are like that, but you can’t really talk about Easter without the resurrection of Christ.

Whereas, Christmas you can talk about Santa and reindeer and the North Pole and presents exclusively. The Easter Bunny and dyed eggs just don’t quite have the power to totally overtake the narrative of the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Of course, the only movie that comes to mind when I think of Easter is Nacho Libre, which is sort of a religious movie. This scene in particular makes this a must watch Springtime cinematic tradition for me.

God there are so many good lines in that two minute clip. I don’t know what to do with myself. It’s not even set in Easter. In fact, it could be six months from Easter and that poor guy is frail and weak and tired because “do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easters?”

Man, I really can’t spell diarrhea. Thank God for automated tools of the modern age that give you credit for trying, then put you on the right track.

Funny Easter Shirts: Poor Old Chocolate Easter Bunnies. Always Getting Maimed In Celebration of the Risen Lord and Savior

My Butt Hurts What? Chocolate Easter Bunny T-Shirt

Is it appropriate to provide levity while pondering the mysteries and majesty of Easter. Yeah, probably. I mean a little reverence for the story that launched and sustained Western civilization

History of the Easter Bunny

Hopster Bunny Discovered Eggs Before You T Shirt

I’ve heard it before but I can’t remember. I’m pretty sure its roots are in pagan religions. Let’s see here. Am I close? Oooh. This gets interesting. The Three Hares Project. What could that be?

Is the virgin birth associated with hares’ ability to give birth to a litter while pregnant with another? That second litter seems kind of Immaculate. Of course, if that was the connection we’d have the Easter Hare on Christmas rather than Easter.

I think there’s a lot to be said for the reproductive magic rabbits pull off and the connection to Spring, and the coming back to life after a dead winter.

Back in 1572 some freakish German said this: “Do not worry if the Easter Bunny escapes you; should we miss his eggs, we will cook the nest.”

I guess that’s a message of macabre hope or something.

Germans brought the Easter bunny to the United States in the 18th Century. And, like good Americans we took the concept to the extreme with the sweet shop bunny confections.

Now we have chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, peeps, jelly beans, and 1,001 more types of candy treats. I don’t get out much. Does the rest of the world do it like that?

History of Dyeing Eggs and Hiding Them for Easter

Prepare To Dye Easter Egg T Shirt

The whole egg thing is quaint and fun, but when you think about it deeply does it make sense? Well, actually, sort of. Traditionally Christians abstained from meat and eggs during Lent and Easter was the first chance for them to have these fine foods.

(Side note: eggs and meat are like 87% of my diet, so Lent observance for me would be super rough, anyways…)

Why not torture the starving children by making them find well hidden eggs before they can eat them. Teach them a lesson in hard work along with celebrating the Resurrection and rebirth, etc. Just kidding. But, seriously, if you love eggs, we’re dyeing them which often seeps into the egg itself. Not always the most appetizing.

I suppose I should remove the thought that these poor children were actually starving during Lent. They probably just pivoted to other more carbohydrate-laden foods. No biggie. Unless you’re keto, then, geez, not sure what you’re doing.

40 days. Lent lasts 40 days to remember the sacrifice of Jesus. But he was only gone for 3 days. Two and a half maybe. But, maybe there’s a connection to the time in the desert when he was starved and tempted for 40 days by the devil.

Aren’t you glad you came to this page to get all the definitive religious exposition. I obviously know my stuff. I guess I could try to read the Wikipedia on it, but I’m too busy thinking about funny t shirts.

So, the hard-boiled eggs also represent the tomb, and how Jesus busted out after three days. So that’s pretty cool. I feel like he sorta slipped out unnoticed, and didn’t go Kool-Aid man on the stone in front of the entrance of the tomb.

I like to think he did. But, according the texts that doesn’t sound like what happened.

Jesus I'm Back T Shirt

I’m back with a thumbs up seems more like how it went down. He’s all mellow. Maybe a little dazed from his out of body journey. Less like a WWE wrestler who’s been injured for two years blasting into the arena screaming “I’m back bitches … you shoulda never counted me out. Prepare for pain.”

“Yeah,” you say, “but you still haven’t shared your wisdom on dyeing eggs.”

That’s right. Let me collect my thoughts on this. Let’s see what do I remember about this without looking it up online.


Well, as usual, you can blame a lot of the pageantry (hey that word is sort of like pagan) on the pagans. They were the creative types. Knew how to get down and have a good time. Christianity took bits and pieces of that for their own stuff, as they cobbled together the greatest set of stories the world has ever known. Do you know how much wisdom is embedded in this stuff? Unbelievably sophisticated. I joke about the particulars, but these myths (I’m not trying to offend Christians with that word, I just mean the distillation of wisdom) are tremendously powerful. I believe they’re the basis of human progress and, in particular, the amazing evolution of Western civilization.

Anyways … of course the pagans are dyeing eggs to make them brilliantly colorful to share with friends in celebration of Spring, blooming of flowers, and new life. It’s perfect.

And Christian’s dyed them red to remind them of the blood of Christ.

And, if you want to read more, go here. I, of course, didn’t have to go there to write what I did above, but wanted you to have a chance to discover even more.

But, let’s not forget the true meaning of this blog post: funny Easter shirts.