Fudge It Fudgsicle T Shirt

Fudge It Fudgsicle T Shirt. I’m not going to lie, I have the hardest time spelling Fudgsicle. For me that’s the hardest word to spell in the English language. I’ve opened a dictionary, and let me tell you, there are some difficult words, but Fudgsicle tops my list.

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I know. I know. It’s a proper noun so it doesn’t get counted in the hardest words to spell competition. I don’t care. I’m a rebel, and I’m nominating fudgsicle. Now, let’s get to this design. First off. Racy. It alludes to a throwing caution to the wind curse: Fuck It. But, it uses a stand-in word to get past the FCC filters for daytime shirt wearing.

You can totally where this in any city or burrow in this fine country.

This is a very relatable Fudgsicle character. I’m rooting for him. The huge eyes (might be in shock). The bite in his head, and the fudginess. I particularly love the mouth. It reminds me of a South Park mouth. The all have that frozen mouth with the straight row of teeth. I don’t know why but that mouth has always made me laugh until a poop my pants.

Fudge it.

Fudge It Fudgsicle T Shirt: You’d Throw Caution to the Wind Too If Half Your Cerebral Cortex Was Bitten Off

Fudge It Fudgsicle T Shirt

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I also like the grains in the popsicle stick. That’s solid. Looks real. Great little detail that takes this tee to the top of my list of SnorgTees. Yes, I have a Snorg Tees list of my faves. You should probably check it out.

I was doing some deep research on the South Park mouth, but couldn’t find anything definitive. I did find this “crap from mouth” GIF maker you should take advantage of if you’re in the mood. And you should be in the mood because we were already talking about Fudgsicles and that’s very related.

Get it?