Friday the 12th T Shirt (Jason Vorhees)

Friday the 12th T Shirt. I call bullshit. What kind of self-respecting serial killer gets all done up in his scary killing costume, but doesn’t realize ’til he passes a calendar hanging on the wall that it’s not his special killing day. So unrealistic.

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I guess the original Friday the 13th movie was made in 1980. I was only 10 then, but I remember rotary phones and other terrible technology including, I’m pretty sure, sloppy looking calendars hanging on the kitchen wall near the red rotary phone.

Yes, I was 10 in 1980. I’m 47. I admit it. I’m writing about t-shirts at this age. While I’m being all honest and shit, I’ll tell you another thing. I hate horror films. Don’t like them. Never watch them. Don’t get it. Hate being scared out my wits. Do not appreciate having that “feeling” for three days. You know the one … where there’s an intruder in the basement or kitchen or whatever. Or it’s dark out and you can’t see out the window, but HE SURE CAN SEE YOU.

That’s gross. You horror film fans are weirdos. Anyway, this shirt is funny. In fact I found 62 SnorgTees that I found funny and would recommend without hesitation.

You know, that hockey mask is a nice touch though. Looks super menacing but natural, like, yeah, some dude that roughs it out in the woods could very well have a hockey mask to hide his identity.

Plays well on the shirt too, don’t you think? What are your thoughts on horror films. The best? Or nasty? Or both? Let me know in the comments if you please.

Friday the 12th T Shirt: Poor Poor Jason Vorhees Didn’t Have a Calendar App on His iPhone in 1980

Friday the 12th T Shirt (Jason Vorhees)

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I like how the mask accentuates the downcast feeling of Jason. I find myself sympathizing. I feel bad that he worked himself up, got ready, and was ready to go fulfill his life’s work and passion, and then realized a silly mistake. I hurt for him in a way.

Does that make me evil?