Free Contradictions $1 T Shirt

Free Contradictions $1 T Shirt. This shirt is straight up dorky. But, it’s the kind of dorky that I like. You have to think about it for three seconds then you roll your eyes and kind of groan. Perfect.

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I’m telling you. Pulling off a dorky or stupid shirt with aplomb is not easy. It takes a deft hand, a gentle touch. You can’t just barf nonsense onto a shirt and hope to hit the collective, universal funny bone.

No you have to be inspired. You have to do time in the Universal Mind to understand what’s what in the realm of retarded shirts that are acceptable to wear with friends, family, and the adoring public.

This, my friends is one of those shirts. But wait … there are more. I am in the process of doing SnorgTees Reviews for all of my faves. Not all fall in this very special category, but they are all worth a look.

The Encyclopedia of Comedy says this shirt is acceptable. It had its ticket punched to the land of comedy gold.

Free Contradictions $1 T Shirt

Free Contradictions $1 T-Shirt

Buy Now: Free Contradictions $1 T Shirt

It’s in the words. It’s in the art. This is where you will find why this tiptoes along the razor thin line of just stupid and funny enough to wear it on my chest proudly, in public, for the next four years (these Snorg Tees are solid construction I tell ya).

Can you tell, I can’t really explain why I like this one, while I hate most. It’s Free in cursive font with a dots before and after it. Then, all caps CONTRADICTIONS. And then the beautiful yellow burst proudly pronouncing the price.

Now, that I look at this more closely, I think we’re dealing with a persuasion genius. A mind manipulation master. If you look at this one too long you might end up in the 2018 version of the MK Ultra program.

Or if you wear it out and about, you may be a recruiting tool. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.