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Free AF T Shirt. Ah, the kids today and their textual shorthand. Good stuff. This shirt is funny on the surface, and you’ll get a ton of positive reactions from patriots when they see you wearing it. But, for real, freedom is pretty great.

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When you read AF, do you say AF in your head or as fuck? This is an important question. I’m pretty most do the later unless extremely pious among, who don’t even have that word top of mind and on the tip of the tongue, so AF comes up and they don’t do the mental investigation to come up with what it stands before instinctively moving off.

I’m not judging. That’s cool. We need people of purity to balance out the rest of us gutter dwellers. It’s a big job to because I think they’re outnumbered 198,000 to 1. They’ve really gotta bring the heavy duty pureness. Good luck to them. I don’t envy their job in helping keep the balance of the Earth. If they fail the poles flip and your mom becomes your dad. Dogs become cats. And Hillary Clinton swaps seats in the Oval Office with Donald Trump.

And, that, my friend, is a fate worse than death.

I’m going to wipe that horrific thought out of my brain by listening to this gem from that obscure band.

You know freedom ain’t free. You’ve heard this. And I have a feeling we have days coming upon us will test our mettle to see if we’re willing to fight for the freedom. At least half the country already did the right thing and voted Trump in office.

But, now, we must support him as he and the white hats in Congress, the agencies, and the military help to remove the Deep State cancer, which has been metastasizing for way too long.

Free AF T Shirt: Where Do I Get My Hands on Those American Flag Short Short Jean Shorts

Free AF T Shirt

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