Frankie Says Relax – Don’t Do It T Shirt

Frankie Says Relax – Don’t Do It T Shirt. If you’re into 80s underground gay leather bars, and drag queens, you’re going to need this tee. Or maybe you only need to be into camp. It’s so campy it makes me laugh and the music holds up. Frankie Goes To Hollywood!

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Celebrating 80s bi-sexual, homosexual, transsexual, drag culture music is kinda of weird for me now. I liked a lot of that shit. I still like a lot of that shit, but now I’m older so the unbridled debauchery isn’t quite as appealing.

Of course, I see the need to have a panoply of humans on this earth to keep the proper balance of chaos and order. You need both. I appreciate the artists and musicians and freaks who push boundaries, but I also appreciate those straight, boring folks that keep the trains running on time.

Can’t we all just live in a walled garden, and appreciate those that meticulously tend it (and build the wall), and those that get themselves all mucky and scratched up finding new varieties of beautiful plants to add to the garden?

I think we can. Thus, I present the formerly banned video of Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood:

I do like it that the lead singer is wearing a suit and looks like the straight man of the bunch, but he ends up riding the Freddie Mercury lookalike. And, playing with the tiger on the stage.

Also, the fat Caligula dude is a gas. How about when he strips and there’s a stream hitting the tied down peeps as Frankie sings “come.” Subtle.

Frankie Says Relax – Don’t Do It T Shirt: Gotta Throw in the Woman Just to Make It Slightly Ambiguous. Need To Sell Some Records to Straight Dudes Too.

Frankie Says Relax - Don't Do It T Shirt
Photo by badgreeb RECORDS – art -photos

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I hesitated on this one, because I do think there’s an underground elitist culture that has taken the unbridled sexuality way too far to a point that is beyond experimentation and into a realm of totalitarian, life-ruining abuse and compromise. So, Relax but when it comes to making a religion out of perversion: Don’t Do It.

I consider this a funny tee and that’s my specialty here at Cheeze Tees.