Forget Lab Safety I Want Super Powers T Shirt

Forget Lab Safety I Want Super Powers T Shirt. Good shirt, but let’s not show the kids. Bad example. They really should have respect for lab safety. Let’s not forget goggles and where the eyewash station is. But, for the purposes of amusement, let’s celebrate this tee.

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God. I remember hardly anything about my childhood. I’m terrible with names. It’s your birthday and your my best friend, and this is the 27th year in a row that I forgot. Uh, what’s wrong with you that you have a schlub like me as a best friend. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I don’t remember a damn thing. I don’t remember what I had for dinner this evening and it’s 8:12 PM. It’s like a thing. Problematic. Like on the verge of being early onset dementia.

Anyway, I still can picture, crystal clear, Larry Greer, fucking up one of his experiments in Mr. Eustache’s class, and getting chemicals in his eyes. That was freakish. He was blind for a few days. That’s scary. I was freaked out, especially since I had no idea what I was doing in chemistry, and sometimes my partner, who did know stuff, might possibly be absent some time that year.

No really Larry’s fine. I think the secondary trauma I experienced has had more lasting adverse health effects, but I’m not going to sue Larry or Mr. Eustache or Finkelfine High School.

All I can really ask is that you take a minute or two and marvel at the amazing list of Snorg Tees I put together. All my favorite designs from the esteemed Georgia company.

This dude in featured on the shirt is just pouring the chemical concoction on his shoulders, which are protected by a lab coat. Was this that well thought through? Or maybe he was overwhelmed with the desire to crush mid-sized sedans with his toes. Or maybe he didn’t want to make it too obvious what was going down, so he put on his glasses and wore the coat.

Little did anyone know that he had flayed the skin off his shoulders the prior evening and was now not wearing any clothes under the coat. When the liquid seeps through it will enter his blood stream immediately. Plus, just in case he took a swig from the beaker.

You Gotta Dream! Forget Lab Safety I Want Super Powers T Shirt

Forget Lab Safety I Want Super Powers T Shirt

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