Facehugger Hugs T Shirt (Alien)

Facehugger Hugs T Shirt. If you saw the movie Alien, you know that this cute little creature just wants hugs … and to impregnate you with alien spawn that will shoot out your abdomen when it’s finally ready to meet the great wide world. No big deal. Just give it a hug. It’s important for people and aliens alike to get touched.

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Here, let me show you the iconic scene where this facehugger really shines, making cinematic history.

You know that really is more like a kiss than a hug, but let’s not nitpick, ’cause the shirt is quite fine.

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Facehugger Hugs T Shirt: Hug Me Please, I’m Stuck in This Sterile Glass Case. Give Me Some Germs.

facehugger photo
Photo by Doug Kline

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That thing in the pic looks like what you scrape out of the sewer line when there’s a clog. It’s stuck in the little lip of a pipe joint, and is catching all the hair and assorted other items people flush down the toilet. You know, baggies of drugs when the police break down the door.

Hair ties. Tampons. Condoms. That thing in the picture catches all of that and creates a clog that only a professional turd puncher can manage to break through. Thank God for plumbers.

No really, I’m not sure where that picture is from. Some Alien museum. Or a backlot storage facility where they keep the original models of the aliens. Who knows, but it’s pretty cool. And, I have to say it really compels me to want to hug it. It looks quite cuddly like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, but let’s not mix up our movies. We’re talking about Alien here. Sigourney Weaver