Elon Musk Tesla Car in Space T Shirt: SpaceX Getting Weird

Elon Musk Tesla Car in Space T Shirt. This tee really captures the majesty of this Tesla Roadster in space stunt. Very subtle. You get the feel of the vast expanse of space. The placement of the car is perfect. Very pleasing.

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Look I’m no moon landing denier, but those Van Allen Belts are pretty damn hot with radiation. Anyways, SpaceX succeeded with its Falcon Heavy launch. I’m  so excited about the elite taking Mars vacations. Gonna be lit for them.

You have to give it to him. That car in space is an unbelievably powerful image. It burns in your brain. The PR and branding team over there at In-Q-Tel, I mean Musk Empire, really needs a department-wide bonus for coming up with that. Genius.

Did you check out the footage of Starman in his Tesla Roadster? I put that there so you’d get so fired up about the historic event, you couldn’t help but click the buy now link to get the tee. Musk isn’t the only marketing genius. Right?

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Elon Musk Tesla Car in Space T Shirt: Thinking About How Much of a Genius He Is

Elon Musk Tesla Car in Space T Shirt
Photo by jdlasica

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I’m not totally sold on Elon Musk as a hero ballsy entrepreneur or a genius or visionary. In fact, I’m starting to have my doubts about all these young tech geniuses. There’s ample evidence that they were propped up and funded by U.S. taxpayer money, and are, thus, beholden to what the State wants.

And, what does a corrupt state want? Full access to your entire life. Comprehensive surveillance of all Americans.

Whoa … tangent. Back to Musk. He’s been totally subsidized by the government. The government has basically outsourced NASA to him. I’m not a big fan of that. What happens when a civilian has access/ownership to massively important technological intellectual property? What happens if that person is handled by the Deep State? What happens if he sells this technology to rogue actors?

And, finally, what happens if he tests technology from space, like say shooting 5G into a country to see if an entire can get connected from space without really looking at the health ramifications?

No reason for asking these questions. Just noodling around with these types of ideas. I’m sure Musk is beyond reproach and above board. And just another amazing American hero, taking amazing entrepreneurial risks to develop amazing technology that eventually benefits us all.