Easter Story Time With Jesus T Shirt

Easter Story Time With Jesus T Shirt. So then I was all like, Mom, chill out, I’ll be back in like 3 days tops. This shirt gets a 100 from me. Love it. Jesus had it under control.

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You can’t blame his mother for worrying. She’d been on a crazy trip this whole time. The Immaculate conception. That’s pretty wild right there. The Angel didn’t knock her up in a sexual sort of way, but that baby got in there some how. Some sort of metaphysical energies or something dropped the Christ in Mary’s womb.

Let’s not even get started on how Joseph felt about all this. I’m sure there was some marital (or engagement) tension right there. But, they powered through.

They went through a lot of stuff to have that kid. Then, whammo, 33 years later, their son is going through this totally shame trial and sentenced to death. As a Mom, you’re not calm when your son gets nailed to a cross. Just guessing here.

Then, after a few days there’s a rumor that Jesus is back.  I’m sure you’re going WTF. You’ve been through a major trauma. An emotional blender. It’s hard to process.

I know Jesus is just offering a casual retelling of the story for friends and one random kid on his lap, but he should make sure to let them know he understands why his Mom didn’t want him to die.

Easter Story Time With Jesus T Shirt: Yo, Look the Shroud is Empty.

Easter Story Time With Jesus T Shirt
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Hey, this is a celebration of the Resurrection with humor. It’s a funny shirt. And there’s more where that came from right here.

Yes, for Christians this is serious stuff, and, I agree, the model of dying to yourself, and rising again is fundamental to a life well lived, so I’ll be serious about the message and the story and the fundamental tenet to living. But, part of life is humor, so let’s have some fun. Capiche?