Duke Nukem Lo Res Pixel Art T Shirt

Duke Nukem Lo Res Pixel Art T Shirt. So, they say John Cena is signing a deal to play Duke Nukem in a movie directed by Sophia Coppola. Should be pretty dope. John oozes mensch, but I’m sure he can method questionable morals if he needs to. I mean he starred in a movie with Amy Schumer, so …

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Are you excited for this cinematic news? Does it make your scrotum tingle? Do you high five the first person you saw after hearing the news? Do you think Cena is up to the task?

I know you come to this blog for definitive answers, but sometimes I need to ask questions. A lot of questions. Normally, just putting them out there in the ether helps me to clarify my position on these important issues.

Duke’s a bad man. I know this because the new video game site has an age gate. That’s serious.

Damn. That movie might be a hard R. Duke is a very bad man.

Duke Nukem Lo Res Pixel Art T Shirt: ‘Cuz Who Wants to Look at That Damn Jar is Full Resolution All the Time?

duke nukem photo
Photo by Xblaze

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I’ve always found that pointy stand up hair intriguing. It looks monolithic. Like he takes it off at night. Puts it on the nightstand. Covering up male pattern baldness. All those loose hot chicks wouldn’t give him the time of day without that hair block.

That find some other muscle-bound, adventure predisposed dude to give their affections to. It’s the hair that takes him to the top level. Well, and the teeth veneers. Well worth the money. The babes love that sparkly smile.

I’m glad I found that image, because all I had to go on before was the pixelated smudge on the t-shirt I’m trying to sell right here. What’s with that? I had no idea how studly the man was.

What’s that you say? How could I know nothing about Duke Nukem. Well, let me tell you a story. I blog about funny t shirts mostly focused on pop culture but I know diddly about pop culture. That’s my cross to bear. My odd, disjointed life. I’m sorry but that’s how it is.

Totally kidding about the shirt design by the way. Love the lo res style. Totally mysterious and cool. You love it too. Don’t lie.