Dress For the Job You Want T Shirt

Dress For the Job You Want T Shirt. Sage advice. I always thought it was bunk. I always considered collecting and perfecting hard and soft skills related to the job you want, would be the most important element. And, yes, that helps, but really dressing for the job you want is even more important.

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Look, I think it’s time I come clean. Be transparent. Share something with you that I haven’t told anyone. I have a full time job. I know. I know. This blog does not make me independently wealthy. I know. Shocker. But, true.

I want it to be that way, so in essence the job I want is full-time blogger. Thus, for the last few months, when I finally started to take seriously the maxim skillfully displayed on this shirt, I have been wearing mustard-stained t-shirts and torn sweatpants to work.

I was approached by HR this week. They have a meeting set up for Monday. I’m hoping that somehow they can give me the full time blogger position. I mean it’s not actually a position in my current company, but maybe HR professionals have special networks to make that happen. I mean, surely, they’ve noticed my extra effort.

God, that video is amazing. I’m starting to rethink my career dreams on the fly here. I would totally grow my hair out so it stands up on end. And, I would totally just try to drink water globules all day in space. That’s frickin cool.

In other news, that lady does not have a spacesuit and helmet on. She has a collared shirt and shorts. So, if you really want to be an astronaut in the modern age, maybe that’s what you need to wear to get the universe aligned properly.

Dress For the Job You Want T Shirt: She Wants to Model T-shirts While Fighting Fires. Ambitious.

Dress For the Job You Want T-Shirt

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So, does this Snorg Tees model want to be a fire fighter, or what the hell is that helmet with an eye shield doing here. That confuses me. But, I’m going to try to get past that.

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