Don’t Stop Believing Santa T Shirt

Don’t Stop Believing Santa T Shirt. This is a very good bit of advice. Even as you age, and your skin gets wrinkly, and your tolerance for lack of sleep disappears, and your breath gets sinful, and your farts edge into biological warfare, you still need to hold on to pieces of your youth.

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Be young at heart. If you find yourself starting to feel crusty you really should consider starting somewhere, and Xmas is a great time to do it. If you don’t actually believe this obese, bearded dude is sliding down your chimney or bribing your apartment manager to let him in during the wee morning hours (because you have no chimney to infiltrate), you can hold on to the spirit.

The spirit of giving and mirth and childlike wonder. Maybe your senses need to be overwhelmed for a proper and effective intervention. Blast some cinnamon essential oil into your room. Suck on a peppermint stick. And, look at all the funny Christmas T-Shirts I have found for you.


If you have an analytical mind. Or are a skeptic, you might need some historical data before you decide to take the leap and wear this fine t-shirt. Check out this history of Father Christmas.

The Beard Detail on this Don’t Stop Believing Santa T Shirt is Incredible

Don't Stop Believing Santa T Shirt

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Snowmen, hearts, starts, candy canes bells, stockings, festive letters. Santa’s beard has it all, which makes this design absolutely beautiful. You’ll want this for yourself as a reminder, and you’ll want to give this tee as a gift to all those crotchety geezers that have been worn down by the pitfalls of life, and have not an ounce of wonderment within them.

This shirt is like youth therapy. Works every time. And is a lot less creepy than blood infusions from teenagers.