I Do What I Want Cat T Shirt

I Do What I Want Cat T Shirt. Oh my, the look on that cats face is like the knowledge of all the millenia that cats have evolved into basically becoming the masters of humans. A bit of disdain. A dash of pity. And a boatload of challenge.

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When the cat starts swatting coffee off the table you know you’re in trouble. That cat is about to lose it. Like really lose it. Like speak in your ear … I am the boss here bud. You may feel like you “own” me but let me give you a feline history lesson …

We used to be outdoor, feral creatures, but that started to blow because there were other bigger, faster wild animals that wanted to eat us. So, over the years we evolved ever so slowly to manipulate humans, so they would let us live in their houses.

Did you know we developed a yowl that mimics a human child? That’s uncanny. And can be annoying, but ultimately it caused the nurturers among you to take us in from the cold, and feed us.

And, so, this has gone on for hundreds of years. Basically, we’ve enslaved humans for centuries, yet you still haven’t got it through your round heads, that this is the case.

Now, I’m not going to get into the fact that there are actual parasites that get into your brains from our poop, which you kindly let us excrete in your house, that allows us to basically control your minds. Toxoplasmosis. Look it up.

I know it’s a lot to take in right now, so let’s just play this game where I make messes and break shit, and you clean it up. I am cute and occasionally cuddly, so it’s all worth it. A symbiotic relationship perhaps.

I Do What I Want Cat T Shirt: You’re Just a Simple Slave

I Do What I Want Cat T-Shirt

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I was resisting doing this but I can do so no longer. Whenever I hear “whatever I do what I want” I think of Cartman. Who doesn’t?